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Evaluation Research Repository on Intergenerational Programs
The Evaluation Research Repository on Intergenerational Programs is a new resource from Generations United and the European Map of Intergenerational Learning.

The Repository is an open access digital collection of research outputs to assist researchers and evaluators, practitioners, and policy makers in assessing intergenerational programs. The goals of the repository are to expand the intergenerational knowledge base, assist practitioners in their work, stimulate legislative development, and encourage collaboration and dialogue between authors, institutions and information users.

The first version of the Evaluation Research Repository on Intergenerational Programs includes 56 entries, which include an abstract and a link to the full text. There are plans for a second phase of the Repository which includes adding more entries and adding translational research notes to each entry.

To access abstracts, you can either search for keyword terms in the search box in the upper right hand corner of the website or by clicking on the categories below.

 Art, Oral History & Culture
 Health & Wellness
 Building Social Capital
 Perceptions of Aging
 Civic Engagement & Volunteering
 Community Development
 Education  Research
 Environment  Theory & Practice

Special thank you to the following people who contributed their time and expertise to make this repository a reality:

The members of the Repository Advisory Group: Kevin Brabazon, New York University; Alan Hatton-Yeo; Shannon Jarrott, Virginia Tech; Matt Kaplan, Penn State University; Valerie Kuehne, University of Victoria; and Mariano Sanchez, University of Granada.

Student participants: Alex Cutler, Winona Hauser, Graduate Student, Penn State College of Medicine, Todd Pinkus, Graduate Student, Penn State University

Support by Kevin Brabazon, Lead Generations United Representative to the United Nations
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