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Intergenerational Programming in Senior Housing
Intergenerational Programming in Senior Housing: From Promise to Practice

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Intergenerational Programming in Senior Housing: From Promise to Practice 
describes the findings from a year-long study on the nature and extent of intergenerational programming in senior housing that was conducted by Generations United and LeadingAge, with support from the Retirement Research Foundation.

The report also highlights challenges and effective strategies for overcoming barriers, and identifies technical assistance needs. Finally, it includes four “Spotlights” which focus on different ways providers can integrate multigenerational activities into senior housing.

The study's key findings include the following:

  • Many housing providers have integrated a range of intergenerational activities into their overall programming and see positive benefits for residents and youth.
  • Most intergenerational efforts identified are short-term or one-time events and do not require a major commitment of time.
  • Most providers have not identified clear outcomes for older adults or youth, nor have they conducted formal program evaluations.
  • There is limited training of staff and volunteers.
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