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Intergenerational Learning Activities: Technology

Technology is an ever changing landscape.  While some can adapt to some technologies better than others, there is no denying that all generations can learn and teach one another fun ways to do so.  As a grandparent or older adult volunteer, you can engage children and youth in fun but informative intergenerational technology projects.  Everyone can learn:

  • What the Internet is
  • How it and email work
  • How to add a newer twist to a favored project

The possibilities for intergenerational connections through technology are limitless.  With the support of the Verizon Foundation and resources on Thinkfinity.org, this guide provides brief activity descriptions geared toward a broad range of ages. We encourage you to submit additional suggestions and to connect with other older adults in an online user group for grandparents and volunteers with similar interests.

Pre-k to Grade 6: What’s the Internet?

‘What is the Internet?’ and ‘how does it work?’ are two questions that can be confusing to both young children and older adults.  Even older children, who can and do use the Internet, may not have a clear understanding of the inner-workings behind it.

  •  Learn how the internet works in this activity for all ages that answers basic questions like:

-        What is the Internet?

-        What is the World Wide Web?

-        How does the Internet know where to send email?

  •  Read together by going digital and using E-Readers Reading together activity

Grades 9 to 12: Making an Electronic Scrapbook

  • Make an electronic scrapbook. Technology advances pretty quickly, cars, home appliances, communications, etc.  How we share photos and videos is no different.  Developing film and mailing photos to family and friends has turned into taking digital pictures with camera phones and instantly emailing them or uploading into social networking sites.  While making hard copy scrapbooks is still a favored activity for many, there is now scrapbooking with a 21st century twist.

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