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Intergenerational Learning Activities: Math Games & Puzzles

Using our minds to solve math problems and puzzles is fun! Whether we are counting coins from our piggybanks to buy a treat or sitting in class solving a complex equation, we use our math skills each and every day.

The possibilities for intergenerational connections through math games and puzzles are limitless.  With the support of the Verizon Foundation and resources on Thinkfinity.org, this guide provides brief activity descriptions geared toward a broad range of ages. We encourage you to submit additional suggestions and to connect with other older adults in an online user group for grandparents and volunteers with similar interests.

Pre-k to Grade Three:

  • Make sense out of different coins by playing games
  • Use macaroni math to explore subtraction
  • Take the tangram challenge!

Grades Four to Eight:

  • Classify different numbers using Venn diagrams
  • Join other students on calculation nation
  • Learn about the history of math in America

Grades Nine to Twelve:

  • Win an action-adventure game using your math skills

Additional Resources:

  • Explore physics and math with PBS NOVA

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