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Intergenerational Learning Activities: Geography

Geography is one school subject that changes little from year to year.  Learning about the country we live in, as well as all the other countries around the world can be both fun and challenging. As a grandparent or older adult volunteer, you can engage children and youth in fun but informative intergenerational geography projects.  Everyone can learn:
  • Where you come from
  • Where others live
  • Physical features of other places

The possibilities for intergenerational connections through geography activities are limitless.  With the support of the Verizon Foundation and resources on Thinkfinity.org, this guide provides brief activity descriptions geared toward a broad range of ages. We encourage you to submit additional suggestions and to connect with other older adults in an online user group for grandparents and volunteers with similar interests.

Kindergarten to Grade 2:  Find Yourself

Geography can be a difficult subject for young children to grasp.  In the larger context of the entire globe, breaking down the idea of where you live can make it easier to understand. 

  • Discover how much fun geography can be by using this activity to help children answer the following questions:
                 -         What country do I live in? What state do I live in? What city do I live in?

If children and/or older adults were born in another country, or have visited other places, expand the geography and include the following questions:

-          What country was I born in?

-          What city was I born in?

-          What state have I visited?

-          What country have I visited?

This activity becomes a fun game with which to learn the answers!

Grades 3 to 12: Guess the Place

 Another fun activity to learn about new places is a geography guessing game. 

  • Guess : Using index cards, both children and older adults can note down cities, states, countries, major physical features and then take turns guessing which one is in play by asking questions:

-          Is it a country/state/city?

-          Is it in the African/European/Asian/North American continent?

-          Is it in the East/West/North/South?

  • Make a map using this fun and interactive MapMaker Kit from National Geographic!

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