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Intergenerational Learning Activities: Environmental Awareness

All ages can “go green.”  As a grandparent or older adult volunteer, you can engage children and youth in fun but informative environmentally-friendly, intergenerational activities that can teach them:

  • How to raise awareness of environmental issues among their peers and the larger community
  • How to conduct outreach and education on environmental issues in their communities
  • How to use newfound knowledge of the environment and take action

The possibilities for intergenerational connections by engaging in environmental awareness activities are limitless.  With the support of the Verizon Foundation and resources on Thinkfinity.org, this guide provides brief activity descriptions geared toward a broad range of ages. We encourage you to submit additional suggestions and to connect with other older adults in an online user group for grandparents and volunteers with similar interests.

Pre-k to Grade 5: Re-creating Bodies of Water

  • Explore the Chesapeake Bay area. This activity is a combination of arts & crafts, research, geography, and biology. Participants learn about the flora and fauna as well as the environmental conditions that affect it, such as pollution.This activity that can help grandparents and volunteers provide children with a deeper knowledge of environmental awareness. 

Grades 6 to 12: Service Learning and Community Projects

Service learning projects are great intergenerational ideas and can even involve the larger community.  The ideas are only limited by participants’ imaginations.  Some ideas include:

  • Restoring park trails
  • Planting urban gardens
  • Organizing stream clean-ups
  • Conducting oral histories
  • Carrying out water quality monitoring projects

  • Conducting community recycling for batteries, cell phones, and other electronic equipment

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